40 Years of Zen Follow-up


The other day a reader left a question on my website asking me to write about the continuing impact, if any, of the 40 YOZ brain training that I wrote about on September 29, 2017.


There is a remarkable difference. The neuroscientist at 40 YOZ, Dr. Drew Pierson, explained to us that the brain would continue to heal and improve for about six months, and that at about three months post training, most participants report an exponential growth in brain functioning.


There are a few ways in which I have experienced just that.


The first is the way in which I think. For as long as I can remember, I have been a slower thinker. I’ve always been able to get to the correct answer, but it has always taken me awhile. The brain trauma I suffered was the likely culprit.


When I was in the first grade, my teacher, Sister James (from Saint Andrews Grade School in Fort Wayne, Indiana), told my parents that my IQ was that of a genius. By the time I was in the third grade (at Saint Jude’s Grade School, Fort Wayne, Indiana), that teacher told my parents that they should never expect much from me because my intelligence was mediocre at best. My guess is that something happened in between first and third grade that injured my brain.


At 40 YOZ, my brain worked at a computer program each day that was designed to allow the brain to heal itself. I watched in amazement as I saw my brain do the work of healing itself in real time. It was extraordinary.


I have noticed an amazing improvement in the speed at which I think! It makes me happy to think more rapidly and be able to respond quickly and easily.


The second way that I’ve noticed brain improvement is a bit more difficult to describe, but here goes.


In the 40 YOZ brain-training experience, each day I spent hours during the mornings and afternoons hooked up to equipment that helped me to learn how to tell when my brain was producing an Alpha brain wave level. When the brain is functioning at Alpha level brain waves, it is possible for forgiveness and gratitude to occur. I mentioned in the first writing about this experience, that the brain injury is the likely culprit that kept me from being able to develop much Alpha level brain wave, and the meditation practice is what helped my brain to function at closer to what we might think of as a “normal” level.


I have watched my brain improve exponentially in this ability. I watch with amazement as I move from hurt feelings, into forgiveness, and move very quickly into a state of feeling grateful for what I’ve learned from the experience. In fact, I notice that I’m experiencing gratitude much of the time now. I feel a glowing warmth radiating from the center of my chest outward, which I recognize as the feelings of gratitude and love. This is now a common state of being for me; whereas, prior to the 40 YOZ training program, I would achieve this kind of experience during meditation and occasionally at other times.


It simply feels better to be grateful all the time.


A third difference is with memory. Before the training, I confess that I was a little worried about my memory. I would experience memory lapses every day, sometimes several times. Now, it is rare when I can’t remember something.


I feel like I’m functioning on all five burners of a four-burner stove!


Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to answer them.


Take care,



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