Presence and the Creative Soul


I have had a daily practice of meditation for going on forty years now.  It isn’t any particular brand of meditation, although I’ve tried many different methods.  About thirty years ago, I had an experience that affected me profoundly.  I wrote it down and have kept it where I could read it once in a while.  The page it is written on is yellowed and ragged-edged.  I am going to recount that experience here.


“I entered into a space—it seemed like a room, but there were no boundaries.  It felt populated by presences, and then as I just stayed with the experience, it felt more like a single Presence.  The whole feeling in the room was that of total, focused, intense interest.  I felt as though this Presence couldn’t wait to see what I would choose to do next!  Presence was completely absorbed by the unfolding of me in particular, as when one is completely taken up in a book such that it is impossible to put the book down—the story has you—it holds your interest completely.  As I continued the meditation with unwavering attention, I began to experience this Presence holding that same level of intense interest in Humanity.  I experienced the attention of this Presence absolutely riveted upon us.  I felt no judgment, only care and excited interest.”


When I first experienced this meditation, I didn’t quite know what to make of it.  And to tell the truth, it kind of scared me.  But as I’ve continued to work with it, I have experienced more of this Presence’s interest, sometimes even as I go about the business of living my everyday life.  If you have ever been walking along a sidewalk, looked across the street and caught a glimpse of yourself in a building’s reflection unexpectedly, and had the feeling of surprise and not quite recognition—that is a wisp of what this feels like.  I’m afraid that’s not explained very well, but it’s the best I can do right now.  In more recent years, I have come to know that my life—what I choose to do with each moment—best mirrors the quality of this Presence when I am completely absorbed and interested in what I am doing.


Lately, I have spent most of my days completely absorbed and interested in my work.  I will tell you more about that in my next post (and I won’t wait so long to do that!).

From my wild soul to yours,


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