Adventuring 6: From High Desert to the Falls



Many of my paintings have been donated to the Pentwater Artisan Learning Center, in Pentwater, Michigan, and will be auctioned at their spring fundraiser. The Artisan center has at its heart the most generous spirit I’ve ever encountered in an organization. I am grateful for it and for the person whose brainchild it was, who funded much of it, and devotes his time to it: Gene Davidson. Many of the birds I’ve painted, some landscapes and flowers, are included in the sale. If you’ve ever wanted one of my paintings, this will be an opportunity to get one very inexpensively—just go to Pentwater during the June Arts and Crafts sale, which takes place on the village green. If you can’t make it to Pentwater, give them a call to see if there is another way to acquire one for yourself. This is a very worthy organization. You can learn more about the PALC at, or through their Facebook page.


The journey: I have loved seeing so much beautiful country from the road. I’ve driven from Fort Myers, Florida to Saint George Island, Florida, from there to Birmingham, Alabama, then on through Mississippi and Arkansas, through the Ozarks, then into Oklahoma, the northern section of Texas, then stayed in Santa Fe, New Mexico for three days. During my stay, I got two full-body massages, which effectively removed the body kinks from sitting in the car and driving for so many days.

From Santa Fe, I drove through New Mexico and Arizona, then in to California. I confess to having a recurring thought as I drove through so much desert, and that is: “how do people live here?” It was so dry! I wondered about the sustainability of living in a place that has so little water of its own. In the photograph above, I’ve tried to show the dryness of the landscape. I was astonished to see that anything at all grew in such an arid climate! When I finally saw a patch of emerald green, something that had been watered, it looked fake! By the time I headed north in California, I was yearning for some moisture to exist in the air!

I was astonished at the sheer numbers of both wind farms and solar farms in southern California. There are thousands upon thousands of turbines and panels! It was an amazing sight! For a few days now, I have been staying in a beautiful hotel in Oakhurst, California, just a short distance from Yosemite. The picture above is the view from my (temporary) front door.

This is the view presented upon exiting a tunnel in Yosemite. It is exactly that beautiful in all directions!


The Falls. The magnificent Falls! And an artist in the foreground, working to capture this beauty.

The Falls thundered down the mountain and created this roaring creek. The sound was astonishing! I have been able to do some serious forest bathing. The drive out of Yosemite is a “white-knuckle” event for me! The drop-off is so sheer, so deep, that it scares the crap out of me! I dare not look. I dare not take my eyes off the road…my imagination is way, way, way too graphic in situations like that! I had to keep repeating to myself: “you’ve got this, you’ve got this, you’ve got this…..”

I’m here at the Chateau du Sureau for two more nights. Next stop: San Francisco to stay with my brother, Casey, sister-in-law, Kristy, and nephew, Chase for a few days.

From the road, with white knuckles and much astonishment,



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