I am at the beginning of a journey that I’ve never made before. I’ll be packing very little into the car to travel with me. In addition to jeans, hiking boots, yoga mat, laptop, and a few very precious books, I’m taking my curiosity, my very interesting mind, practice of meditation, and questions like: “What would Love do?”


I am leaving behind (for good) all ideas about what I ought to be. I’ve spent an adult life trying to live conventionally, and have spent that same adult life having to then undo everything I had tried to put together. Most importantly, I do not want to try to build a life that is primarily acceptable to anyone else but me.


I’m 69 years old. It’s time to shake myself up and let go of anything that is “not-me.”


I’ve never asked myself the question: “where would I like to live?” I’ve simply followed the dictum to “bloom where you are planted.” And I have.


Now I’m most interested in discovering how it feels to live in places that appeal to me. My plan is to rent a furnished studio apartment for a month at a time and explore the areas in which I’m interested. I will engage in each community to see what that feels like—I’ll take yoga or meditation classes and do hiking meet-ups, for example. I also intend to take my laptop to local coffee shops and see what it feels like to work on the books I’m writing. (Sometimes I feel like I am a busy airport with books circling overhead like planes waiting to land!) I would like to plant myself in a supportive, open, friendly, and creative environment.


There are places I’ve always wanted to see, like Yosemite National Park and Crater Lake National Park, so I’ll do that along the way. There are also specific people who inspire me that I’d like to meet, if possible, like Meinrad Craighead, a visionary artist. ( I would like to visit Georgia O’Keefe’s studio and home. I have been attracted to some of her paintings, but mostly I’ve admired her ability to live on her own terms. Being in the process of making that internal move myself, makes me want to use her space as a touchstone.


There is a young artist in Portland, Oregon, whose loose style touches me. Her name is Flora Bowley (, and she teaches workshops—I’ll sign up for one of them while I’m exploring that area. There is also a place on the coast of Maine that I’d like to revisit. It was there, on a trip by myself to Clark Island, that I felt more internal freedom than I had ever felt before. I stayed at a place called the Craignair Inn, which was a small, old-fashioned Inn with a five-star rated dining room! The food was unbelievably good! It is that feeling of internal freedom that I’m curious about. I’m wondering if it had to do with geographic location or one of those experiences that show me the internal space from which I’d like to live.


I’ll keep you posted as I do this adventuring. The book that I am currently working on has this working title: The Consciousness Bible.

Take Care,


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