I Am Open To Living A Bigger Life: Step 1

In I Am A Miracle Magnet (In Ten Easy Steps), Step Ten asks us to state the miracle we want to create next. I wrote in the book that I want to open to living a bigger life, so here it is, I am doing Step One, writing it down.

I Am Open To Living A Bigger Life.

In being open, I know that I am not alone, that is, I am not defining myself as being the small, ego-driven self, who requires that I don’t speak up. Instead, I am defining myself as the core self—that part of me that feels connected to all that is.

I have four other published books. The first one, called Mary Regina’s Secret Room, was a children’s book that I both wrote and illustrated a little over thirty years ago. Its purpose was to teach children how to center themselves in the middle of stressful situations. The second book was my dissertation. Its title is: Rethinking the Heart of Being Human, written just over twenty years ago. In it I identify three different changes, that if made in our human society, would move us from being merely human to being more fully human. The third book is Sustainable Building and Design, a textbook written for classes that I taught when I was Director of the Center of Excellence for the Built Environment at Indiana University Purdue University at Fort Wayne. The fourth book is Create the Green Age, written with colleagues, Matt Kubik, Architect, and sociologist, Patrick Ashton, Ph.D.

I don’t feel that I did any of these books the justice they deserved. I wasn’t able to get behind them, wasn’t able to speak up for them. I was too firmly anchored in the small, ego-driven self.

I now speak up!

I now get behind this work.

I am now open to living life from the core self.

I promised to continue to do the work of miracle making in this blog, so that if you’re looking for company while you work through miracles yourselves, you’ve got it!

CL (Choose Love),



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