I Am Open To Living A Bigger Life: Step 2

This blog post continues the work of the I Am A Miracle Magnet (In Ten Easy Steps) with the current miracle that I’m working.

When I close my eyes and ask for an image that represents “I am open to living a bigger life,” I see two images.  One is a painting of the amazing red dahlia photo that I used for the cover of the book.  Mac (my partner), took that photo with his phone.  The dahlia was growing in the garden in front of the post office in Pentwater.  He brought his phone directly to me at the Artisan Center, where I was teaching one of my biweekly art/painting classes.  He knew I’d want to paint it!  What he didn’t know, at the time, was that I would also want to use it as a book cover!  I’ve been working on this miracle for about a month now, and so I have started this painting.  Stay tuned.  It isn’t done yet, but I will post a picture of it here when I finish it, okay?

The second image that came to my mind is of other authors who are alive right now and already live this way–they are open to living a bigger life.  They get behind their own creative work and allow it to move into the hands of all the folks who would benefit from reading their books.  Fear has always paralyzed me.  It has always kept me from allowing my work to reach very many people.

As my friend, Ellen O’Connor Sauer says, “we can no longer afford to be quiet.  We must speak up now!”  That isn’t a direct quote, but you can find her extraordinary blog (and art) at www.ellensauer.com.  Go read it–prepare to have your mind blown right open.

So, I’m going to get to work on this second image today.  I will  be collaging these author’s images to a canvas.  It will remind me to choose love instead of fear.  To allow myself to be open and vulnerable instead of closed (emotionally/psychically).  I’ll post a picture of it when I’ve finished it too.

Thanks for reading and joining me on this journey.

CL (Choose Love),





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