I Am Writing this for Me and for You

I am writing this blog for me and for you.

There are so many of us “out there” who want to make changes in our lives, but don’t know how to do that.  We may know that the wisest choice is to choose love rather than fear…  But how the heck do we do that when we’re right in the middle of the fearful situation?

Not only that, but how do we determine what the most loving choice is?

That is why I wrote the book: I Am A Miracle Magnet (In Ten Easy Steps), and that is why I am writing this blog.  The book was essentially a “download”–the steps were simply given to me.  Each time I sat down at the computer to continue writing, I closed my eyes, opened myself to the material that wanted to be written, and wrote.  The experience was sort of like being a stenographer, only more interesting because the dictation was happening in my head!  This book is available on Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle versions.

I have been a university professor, so I’ve written books before.  But the writing experience was completely different than this.  The process of writing academic books involves doing a ton of research and a lot of left-brain planning.  Don’t get me wrong–I enjoyed doing it very much.

This “I Am A Miracle Magnet” book is a total gift to me!  During the writing of the book, I have worked through the process of three miracles, and that’s exactly what they are–Miracles!  I am going to be working more miracles through the steps in the blogposts on this website.  That way, you can work through your own miracles right along with me if you want.

As I learn how to build this website, I’ll be adding a method for building a community of miracle making adventurers…

From me to you, choose love,




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