I Am My Core Self: Step 5

Placeholder ImageThe intention has changed from “I am open to living a bigger life” to “I Am My Core Self.”

I didn’t realize it when I first wrote it down, but the way I had it stated actually kept me split into two parts–the self who lives from the direction of the ego sometimes (which feels like it is alone in the world), and the Core Self, the part of me that feels connected to everything that is.

From the first perspective, I feel small and unsupported.  From the Core Self, I feel whole and supported.

Step 5 is: Take some baby steps.  Do some little things that you would do, knowing that this is already the reality.

As I said in the last blog, I’ve been working on this one for awhile–I think it’s been about four weeks now.  So, I’ve taken many baby steps, all directives from my Core Self.  Some of the baby steps that I’ve been taking are these: 1. I set up this website.  2. I’ve started writing this blog. 3. I hired Deborah C. Miller (www.MillerProductivity.com) to guide me through the process of connecting this blog to the I Am A Miracle Magnet Facebook page, to show me how to do some of the technical things on this website, and to teach me some things about marketing.  I’m still working on the list!

At night, before I go to sleep, I’ve been asking my subconscious mind for help and guidance.  I literally say “Please, show me how.”

On the night of November 28th, I had this dream:

I was being shown through a huge, complex lab building.  I noticed my name on a set of cylinders, so I asked what they were.  I was told that inside of the cylinders, a person was condensed down to the particles, and then put back together in a new way.

That’s exactly what I feel like inside of me!  I feel like the process of working the Miracle Magnet steps is re-making me–forming me into this person who lives as their Core Self each minute of each day–a person who chooses miracles–one who chooses love.

CL (Choose Love)






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