I Am My Core Self: Step 6

Step 6 is: Cultivate your intuition so that you can more easily discern next steps.  Currently, I am cultivating my intuition and asking for next steps in two ways.  At night when I first go to bed, I ask my subconscious mind to show me how to live as my core self and get behind this current book, in particular, and to get behind what I create, in general. In the morning, I meditate.  I’ve been starting my day with meditation for 37 years now. Before I meditate, I quietly review this intention/miracle that I’m asking for, and then I spend at least 20 minutes meditating.

Try this method for yourself.  It simply works!

I have dreams almost every night.  The other night, I had two that helped me out.  I’m going to write about them here and talk a bit about how I interpret dreams.

In the first dream, I was running away from some people.  It was cold and I was running through snow.  All of a sudden, in the middle of the forest, I saw a door that no one else could see.  When I went through the door and closed it, for the people who were chasing me, it was as if I had disappeared into thin air.  On the other side of the door, it was warm and looked magical.  Peter Pan like structures were built into trees with connecting rope bridges.  Lights were strung like Christmas lights through the trees.  There were also structures that looked like Hobbit houses built into earth mounds.  I went into one and made a bed up for myself, and discovered that this is where my mom lives.  I helped her make some more beds for other visitors who were coming.  I woke up and thought about the dream so that I’d remember it in the morning.

Then I closed my eyes and again asked “show me how.”

In the next dream, I was with a group of people who were managing me.  We were checking into and out of hotels.  Everywhere I went I had to have a container of blood with me.  It was carried in a glass kitchen container with a snap lock lid–a beautiful deep, rich red, viscous liquid, visible through the glass.  Someone who was with me always carried it, so that if I needed an infusion of blood, it would be there.  Then I woke up.

Dream interpretations are personal.  You could used these dreams as yours, and they would likely mean something very different to you than they do to me.  I’m going to show you my technique, mostly learned from Ilene Satala.  If you want to learn more about how to work with your dreams, there are books available on lucid dreaming (being awake in your dreams).

This is how I unpack my dreams:

1. I understand that everything in the dream is me.  This is my subconscious mind helping me to see parts of myself that are invisible to my waking self.

2. I ask myself what parts of the dream stands out as being important.  In the first dream, there are several: the feeling of being hounded, the door that only I can see, the magical land, my mom.  In the second dream, the important pieces are that I’m not alone, that is, I have help whenever I need it, and the blood that is always with me if I need it.

3. Then I ask myself what these important parts mean to me.

4. I also take note of the dominant feeling in the dream.

These two dreams were extraordinarily helpful!  They contrast two different ways of living, and show me that I can use my feelings to discern whether or not I am living my core self in each moment, all the time.

Try this with one of your dreams…

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