I Am My Core Self: Step 7


Step 7 is “recognize pieces of the miracle as they appear in life.”

Well folks, this particular miracle sure is taking some time to work!  But it is happening! The process of this miracle, as it is working inside of me, is changing some of the ways in which I organize my experience of life.

I am in the middle of a couple of profound changes in perspective right now.  I’ll try to describe them to you as my way of honoring pieces of the miracle as it is happening.

One shift is this:

Regarding the Earth and the large topic of Sustainability, I have always looked to my responsibility as viewed through the lens of the question: “How can I take care of this Earth?”  I have given this a lot of attention and time, especially during the last fifteen years, or so.  I was the Director of the Center of Excellence for the Built Environment at Purdue University in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and professor of sustainable construction.  I was also a founder of the Northeast Indiana Greenbuild Coalition, and Co-Chair of the Mayor’s Green Ribbon Commission, helping to set goals and standards in sustainability for the City of Fort Wayne.  My textbook, Sustainable Construction and Design, was published by Pierson/Prentice Hall. I have also co-authored a book with colleagues, Matt Kubik and Pat Ashton, called The Green Age.

My focus has always been about how I/we human beings can take care of this Earth. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, just that something else has come into view for me.

As I move more securely into living from my Core Self, that focus doesn’t disappear, it just gets a heaping helping of me as receiver.

My view of life from the Core Self is that I am inextricably a part of the vast everything that exists.  Period.  Geez, I hope I can put this into words!  I’m saying that because I feel unsure of how to describe this.

Here goes.

This Earth is alive (we all know this, right?).  It has a molten center, an alive and active geologic layer made up of huge tectonic plates that shift and move, an alive and active geologic layer forming the surface crust from which an entire botany of plants and trees of all kinds flourish and thrive.  At the surface, there is a thin atmospheric layer of the Earth, as well.  And then there is us–all of the biological creatures living at the surface of the Earth, including human beings.  We live here because this alive Earth provides the sustenance we need–air to breathe, water to drink, and plants to eat.

I have always worked to sustain this glorious Earth, but I also now feel the Earth’s work to sustain me, one of its glorious creatures who live at its surface.

That’s all for now.  Happy New Year!

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