I Am Open To Living A Bigger Life: Step 4

frog-1893225_1280Step 4 is: “Believe it! (Spend 5 minutes each day visualizing it as if it has already happened and experience what that feels like emotionally.”

I’ve been working on this step for awhile now–maybe 4 weeks, or so.  If you can’t tell, I’m behind on these blog postings.  Truly, it feels right for this one to take awhile.

When I close my eyes and ask for a visualization of this miracle, this is what I see and feel:

I feel the earth, a beautiful blue and green planet, shining its light–light from heat, light from reflection, light from biological processes which take place on it’s surface in, and because of, all of its members who live on its surface.  Light gets absorbed and used and refracted by all of us members, geologic (rock, mineral, water, and etc.), biologic (plants, animals, human, birds, fish and etc.) and atmospheric.

I feel my membership in this process as an inspirited biologic human being expression of this earth.

From this firm footing, I also see a connected matrix of Authors–they exist as a continuous, connected network of being.  Faces that radiate love and light through their words.  I’ve read so many of them!  Many of them have passed on, yet their light still shines through their words.  Many of the faces that I see are alive today.  Some are yet to be born.

My face is in the mix of all the faces of Authors.

Of course it is.  I am an Author.  I am other things too, but I am an Author, as well.

The message from this visualization helps me to understand and feel that I am fully supported in this endeavor.  I am part of the process of this earth’s life as one of its human members.  I am also part of a matrix of Authors that extends backward and forward through time and also extends through all cultures and languages of this earth life.

CL (Choose Love),





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