Let’s Reclaim the Space in Our Own Minds

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Let’s take a step back and away from fear, shall we?

Let’s make room for wonder and curiosity. Let’s make room for love. Let’s make some space in our minds for applying some deep thought to life. Let’s ask ourselves some harder questions like: How can I resist this fear? What can I do to help? What can I do to take my mind back from the fear and hatred that is tearing our country apart?

Let’s not add to the fear-mongering that is going on in the world by ratcheting up fear in posts on social media.

Instead…in our posts, let’s talk about what we’re doing to make the situation better. Let’s tell each other about the actions of resistance we’re taking. Let’s share with each other about kindnesses we receive and about how we’re loving better, more expansively, more exquisitely.

I don’t mean to diminish the horrific things that are going on right now in the United States and elsewhere. But let’s do wake up to the fact that allowing hatred to set up camp in our own minds is not an act of resistance; it is surrender.

Let’s step back from the “ain’t it awful” club.

It is. All of us already know that.

The other day, I got to thinking about the triangle shaped pattern in psychology called the Codependent Triangle. At the apex is the person who sees themselves as a Victim. The person in relationship with the Victim has two choices–they can either be the Rescuer or the Persecutor. They don’t choose their own role, the Victim chooses it for them. This feels relevant to the situation in our country today. If the Victim is incapable of seeing themselves in a new way, the only choice we have is to walk away from that relationship.

The other triangle we can create for ourselves is called the Empowerment Triangle. It carries with it a growth mindset, is passion based and outcome focused. The three points represent the Creator, the Challenger, and the Coach. The Challenger asks pointed questions and the Creator is open to them. The Coach gives good ideas and healthy boundaries. The roles here are interchangeable–sometimes I am the Creator and I call upon friends to serve in the roles of Challenger and Coach. And I always step up to be the Challenger or Coach when I’m asked.

Let’s take our minds back from whomever has taken up residence there!

Let’s own our world and the space in our minds by thinking about what we can do, and then let’s do it. Let’s find friends who will enter into this Empowerment Triangle with us so we can deliberately reclaim the space in our own minds and hearts.

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