Living In Wholeness

Artwork by Ellen Sauer (

Step 9 is: Develop a practice of feeling grateful (for the miracle, as if it has already taken place–say thank you, knowing that it is in the process of coming into being).

The artwork shown was created by Ellen Sauer for the Women’s March in January 2017, and the words “Love Liberates” were written by our nation’s beloved poet, Dr. Maya Angelou. The reason I chose this piece to illustrate Step 9 is because the most important work of all in developing a practice of feeling grateful is that in doing so, we are directing the liberating quality of love toward ourselves.

This miracle began as “I want to open to living a bigger life,” has moved through “I am my Core Self,” and ends in step nine as “Living in Wholeness.”

I am grateful. Working through the process of these steps with this miracle, I’ve come upon stumbling blocks inside of me that would have stood in the way of my being able to represent my work (with gusto!). I feel confident that this miracle is “in the chute.”

Every day, as I develop the practice of being grateful for this miracle of living in wholeness, I notice places where I’m fractured–cut off from that wholeness. When I locate those fractured places and patterns, I stop and direct the feeling of compassion for myself into them. One common example that I keep running into inside of me is in the pattern of making myself small to make others feel comfortable. It’s a common one for women to experience in our culture.

When I went off to graduate school to work on my doctoral degree in Philosophy, my husband, at the time, told me that no man will ever want me because men don’t want their wives to be smarter than they are. (He had a Ph.D.) I went anyway.

As I direct compassion into this pattern, the fractured pieces of smallness dissolves, and I am once again returned to the experience of wholeness. I experience love liberating me.

CL (Choose Love)


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