The “What Is Consciousness?” Audiobook is in Production!

This is what we look like holding a multi-faceted crystal up to the camera lens.

I’m excited about a couple of things this morning, and want to share them with you.

First, I’ve hired a producer for the audiobook of “What Is Consciousness?” and it is now being produced! It should be available on Audible by two weeks from now. I just listened to the first fifteen minutes and love it. The woman who is reading it has a richly resonant voice–one that I found compelling enough for the also richly resonant material being read.

One reader of this blog wrote to tell me that she was losing her eyesight. She said this blog is something she always looked forward to reading and asked if I would consider putting an audio version up on the website so she could continue to enjoy it. I am working on that, and am making progress, but am having trouble, so it isn’t live yet.

Which brings me to the second exciting thing I have to share with you. Because of the skill and generosity of my son-in-law, I do have a ten minute meditation that is now live! The daily practice of meditation I’ve had for just over 40 years now is something that I can share with you.

Meditation has been an evolving and alive practice. I’ve learned many methods over the years, and my practice has developed and changed accordingly. At first, I thought about the newly learned method and deliberately incorporated it in to my practice. What has changed is that I now simply relax, close my eyes, and bring my focus into an internal quiet, and the meditation begins inside of me. It seems to give itself to me in it’s own creative way.

As I said, there is a ten-minute meditation live now, and I am working on a twenty minute version which should be live within a week. So check back if that interests you.

The third thing I’m excited about is the TED talk I’m developing…

Stay tuned!


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