United States Women’s Leadership Development Council

This is a call to all women who are citizens of the United States of America.  We are starting the United States Women’s Leadership Development Council (USWLD).  Please join us!  First, I will tell you the purpose of the USWLD; then I will tell you why we must do this.

PURPOSE: Our mission is to develop women to lead/govern/run for President, Senate, Congress, Governor, Mayor, and so on.  We will create conferences (or collaborate with existing conferences) to teach women the following:

1. How to create a vision large enough to unify and solve problems taking the long view of the country, a state, a city, etc. (We currently have fear-based, short term problem solving.)

2. How to lead, think, problem solve, and govern using the principles of democracy.

3. How to fundraise using a new paradigm that works for the citizenry and the entire economic base.  (The current fundraising paradigm privileges corporate donors over the citizenry.)


  1.  Too many intelligent and thoughtful young women are not even considering the possibility of running for president/governing this country.
  2. We have a country of citizens who think “politics is dirty.”  (“Dirty” in this case means unethical, sleazy, etc., something too many thoughtful, intelligent women would avoid.)
  3. When we are aware of a systemic problem, we have a responsibility to assist in cleaning it up!  (To quote my mother, and probably all mothers, “it won’t clean itself up!”) We simply cannot pass this “dirty” system along to our children and grandchildren.

Let’s work on fixing this together!  Who’s with me?


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