What Is Consciousness?

The Audiobook is completed and in review!

I hired a woman I’ve never met by the name of Katrina Leffler to read “What Is Consciousness?”. I thought it was serendipitous that her last name is so close to mine. She has a full-bodied, resonant voice that is pleasant to listen to, and I am very excited about the end result! It is now completed and undergoing the review process at ACX. It should be available on Audible and Amazon.com within the next week, or so.

The paperback and Kindle versions of the book are both available on Amazon.com. The paperback price is the lowest possible, $7.48, and the Kindle version, which can be downloaded to a phone or computer, is just $3.48. If you cannot afford it but would like to read it, please email me from my website, www.reginaleffers.com, or private message me on Facebook with your address, and I will send a copy to you. It has helped me, and the feedback I’m getting from others tells me that it is helpful for them too.

That’s all I have to say today…



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