Would you like to understand miracles from the inside out?

Traditionally, when we think of miracles, we think that if one happens to us, we’re especially blessed, or somehow luckier than we feel we have a right to be. The idea that we can pray for a miracle isn’t foreign to us—that’s exactly what we do when someone we love is in danger.  But what would it mean to be able to ask for a specific miracle and then play a part in its creation?

I have written about three miracles. The first is one that hasn’t been prayed for or asked for in any way—it is an example of a miracle that was simply given to me. The second and third miracles are ones in which I have played a supporting role. I think it’s important for us human beings to realize that we can use the gifts we’ve been given to help make our lives more satisfying and fulfilling, and also to help make our world a kinder, more loving place for all of us.

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