What Is Consciousness?

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My intention is to create an exploration in consciousness. In my experience, books written about consciousness are written in academic language making them inaccessible to anyone who isn’t primarily a student of psychology or neuroscience. The topic is important enough that every person should have access to this body of knowledge. It’s something we all experience—every single one of us. For that reason, we should all get a good idea about where we’ve come from, where we’re headed, and where we are right now. This book is an invitation to enter into the conversation about consciousness with me. Consciousness is a cloud of potential awareness, part of the unseen world that permeates all of the space and material of existence. We grow in consciousness in response to different conditions life presents to us and must consider how we’ll respond. Will we respond from an internal position of love, or will we choose to react in fear? Come explore and learn with me!

I Am A Miracle Magnet (In Ten Easy Steps)

I Am A Miracle Magnet

I Am A Miracle Magnet (In Ten Easy Steps), clearly shows you how to take control of your own life and create what you want. Through the process of working the miracle magnet steps, you will gain peace of mind and freedom from anxiety, gain feelings of empowerment to create life as you want it to be, and experience more joy in life as it begins to align more with your desires.

While reading this book, you’ll think about what you want in your life, about what is and isn’t satisfying and fulfilling. You’ll be empowered to make changes that you’ve never before thought possible. And the incredibly cool thing you’ll discover is that miracles are easy to make, if you just follow the steps!

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Rethinking the Heart of Being Human


This book examines a paradigm shift, which can be investigated on three levels as components of a single whole, suggested in the philosophic work of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Jane Addams, and John Dewey. Through this process, a new, more accurately human model is constructed, one which is ultimately more humane because of that accuracy. The dominant ideology in Western philosophy and culture is androcentric, portrays us as isolated individuals, and characterizes us as capable of being objective and detached observers. All three prongs of this ideology are problematic: our implicit habits of thinking and living androcentrically are based on faulty conceptions of girls and boys, women and men; and neither the conception of human beings as isolated individuals nor that which characterizes human beings as capable of being objective and detached observers corresponds to experience, making both concepts unhelpful and misleading. We are energy-event-complexes, body-minds who are always in transactional processes which transform us.

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Sustainable Construction and Design


Sustainable Construction and Design provides a solid foundation in the underlying conceptual framework of sustainable construction. Part One focuses on the foundations of sustainability, including the origins of sustainable design, the ecological structure of matter and the physical laws that govern it.
Part Two provides a sustainable construction roadmap and how the concepts can be applied in the real world. It Addresses the LEED® prerequisites and credits and follows a commercial construction project through the certification process.

Sustainable Construction and Design also expands sustainable concepts beyond the LEED® Credit Template and ideas into the residential arena as it reviews the process of a collaborative project that students created with Habitat for Humanity. It explains in depth about the qualities and conditions needed to create a successful design charrette, as it is the critical vehicle that brings both collaboration and whole-systems thinking into the process. The DVD that is included with the textbook assists in creating the loose structure of a design charrette.

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The Green Age

Co-authored with Matt Kubik, Architect, and Pat Ashton, Ph.D., Sociologist


There are hidden forces in our culture that affect the daily decisions we make—decisions that are detrimental to ourselves and to our planet. What are these forces? We are all trapped by the ingrained values and beliefs of our current gas guzzling, environment damaging way of life. The authors of The Green Age believe the time has come—or even has passed—when we must begin to consider some different ideas so that we can leave a livable world to future generations. Through examination and rejection of the unseen influences of the modern worldview the authors invite the reader to step into the future where speed, greed, endless growth and mindless consumption are not the rule. Through humorous and poignant personal stories the authors relate their own journeys to find the worldview of the Green Age. Developing insights that are spiritual, philosophical, scientific, and practical, the authors lead the readers to a holistic understanding of the interconnections within the material world from DNA to galaxies and butterflies to hurricanes. Further examination shows how closely we are related to all humankind both socially and genetically. This leads to a new Green Age ethical standard and primary purpose for living: to sustain the earth and its inhabitants. Do you want a life of fulfillment and personal satisfaction? Following the precept of Gandhi that, “we must be the change we wish to see,” the authors provide tools, guidance and exercises to help you make choices that will sustain your spirit as well as the planet. Beyond this the authors invite you to join them as agents of sustainable social change. They provide strategies for action so you too can become a Green Age pioneer of the future.

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