What Is Consciousness?

Consciousness is a cloud of potential awareness, part of the unseen world that permeates all of the space and material of existence. We grow in consciousness in response to different conditions life presents to us and must consider how we’ll respond. Will we respond from an internal position of love, or will we choose to react in fear?

The initial six facets of consciousness are: Survive, Belong, Individuate, Comply, Re-Individuate & Risk, and Care & Empathy. The main feature that marks our thinking in these facets of consciousness is that we think there is only one correct way to see something, and that is the way in which we see it! This situation presents a problem for our relationship with others as individuals and for the social group/entire culture/whole world in which we live. Disharmony erupts when we cannot understand that others may see it differently, and we feel we must force out perspective on to them. I believe that our most problematic human experiences are caused by this experience.

When we’re living from within the initial six facets of consciousness, we are actively trying to be enough, have enough, care enough, work enough, and etc. And then, in some area of life (family, work, Spirit, etc.), we move from Subsistence existence to Being. This means that we know we are enough, have enough, care enough, work enough, and we actively seek balance that demonstrates this internal growth. This move in consciousness means that we have a relatively continuous felt sense of the connectivity of all that is and stay conscious in the present moment much more often than not.

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